Expand Your TiVo To 1TB — For A Price

Expand Your TiVo To 1TB — For A Price

The first official expansion drive for the TiVo has hit the market in Australia, offering you an extra terabyte of storage if you’re prepared to pay something of a market premium.

Nick at Gizmodo reports that the officially supported WD drive has just been launched, priced at $299. That’s a good $100 or more than you’d likely pay for a standard 1TB eSATA drive, but unfortunately the TiVo is rigged so you can’t easily plug in any standard drive. Of course, if you’ve home-baked your own PVR, then you can add whatever drives you like, but you won’t get the ease of use.

WD Launches 1TB Extra Storage For TiVo Users [Gizmodo]


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