eBay's Listing Discounts Getting Less Impressive

Throughout April, eBay Australia is allowing users to list items with a 99 cent starting price for just 20 cents, but that doesn't turn out to be much of a bargain on closer inspection. Listing for a low starting figure is often held to be a good eBay strategy, so that's not the issue — it's the size of the discount, really. The standard insertion fee for an auction starting at 99 cents or less is 30 cents, so you're only saving 10 cents a pop.

More tellingly, just last month eBay was waiving insertion fees altogether for sub-99 cent auctions. If you're listing hundreds of items, saving 10 cents a time adds up, but a free deal always looks nicer, doesn't it? Perhaps the key lesson is that eBay is always running some sort of promotion, so unless you're relying on it for income, it can be worth hanging back a while for a deal before listing. eBay [via OzBargain]


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