eBay Increases Fees For Vehicle Sales

eBay Increases Fees For Vehicle Sales
holden_fj_gawlerSelling your car or motorbike on eBay is about get a tad more complicated — and expensive.

eBay Australia has long used a slightly different method for calculating fees for selling cars, motorcycles and other vehicles on the site, compared to its standard “insertion fee plus percentage of the final sale fee” approach. At the moment, listing any kind of motor vehicle attracts a flat $5 insertion fee. At the conclusion of a successful sale, you pay eBay a fixed final value fee of $40 for a car or $30 for a motorcycle.

On April 29, those fees will become more complicated and (for the most part) more expensive. Listing a car for sale at under $5,000 will now require an $8 insertion fee, and a $35 final value fee (the only price drop in the new scheme). Cars over $5,000 will have a $10 insertion fee (double the old rate) and the same $40 final value fee as currently.

For motorcycles, the $5 insertion fee remains the same, but the final value fee goes up to $40, regardless of price. Any other vehicles (such as boats or trucks) will cost $8 to list and have a $40 final value fee. (Entirely different rules still apply if you decide to avoid auctions altogether and employ a classified listing, with a fixed $19.99 price, instead, but those fees aren’t changing.)

The bottom line? A sub-$5,000 car is now marginally cheaper to list and sell ($43 versus $45), but everything else will cost a little more. Fair enough in the current climate or a subtle eBay ripoff? Rev up your views in the comments. Photo from Wikimedia Commons



  • Still gets a greater audience then carsales or similar and seems to somehow work. Can’t say much about the fees as they are probably set to be low enough to tempt people from other vehicle sales websites and that’s the bottom line. Could they be cheaper? YES. But why would ebay bother to reduce fees when people are willing to pay? The perennial dilemma and the reason we have inflation perhaps.

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