Cubes, Cubes, Everywhere A Cube

For the sleek and modern look it's tough to beat the double whammy of white and silver Apple products mated with a room painted and furnished in white.

Like previously featured workspace The Monochrome Nook, Lifehacker reader paszzz's office is all about the white space and Apple goodness. The workspace is comfortable—thank you Herman Miller!—and well lit thanks to a nice expansive window. A large Ikea Expedit bookcase makes for lots of compartmentalised storage space close at hand, great for keeping the desk free of clutter. Tucked away out of sight on the opposite side of the iMac is a MacBook, for those trips outside the office to the land of parks and coffee shops.

Cubes, Cubes, Everywhere a Cube [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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