Could You Use Mail Merge To Speed Job Hunting?

Could You Use Mail Merge To Speed Job Hunting?

outlookmailmergeThe Inside Office Online blog offers an interesting suggestion for people trying to find a new job: using the mail merge feature in Outlook to send a message to professional contacts letting them know you’re looking for work. Part of me thinks “good use of technology”, part of me thinks “mail merge just isn’t going to cut it in a competitive jobs market”. What’s your take?


  • I recently found work during hard times, and had changed my approach quite a number of times before I was finally successful.

    Simply adjusting the recipient and work applying for details only got me “you have been unsuccessful” replies, while something more tailored to each job description got me a few phone interviews, and a number of in-person interviews.

    My best advice for finding a job is to phone the advertiser before applying for the job via email/letter. You’re more likely to strike up a conversation by “enquiring” about the job, while calling their attention to you so when you do send your CV, they’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

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