Carbonite Adds Remote File Access For Grabbing Backups From Web

As one of our Lifehacker readers' favorite backup tool, we already knew that Carbonite offers inexpensive off-site backup. What we didn't know is that you can also now access your Carbonite backups from the comfort of your browser.

Carbonite snuck out their remote access feature last month—about the same time they added OS X support. This feature update turns Carbonite into much more than just a backup tool; it's now also a great tool for grabbing that file you left on your home computer—assuming you run syncs regularly enough that the latest version is available on Carbonite. Thanks Rob!

Carbonite Remote File Access


    I use carbonite and am happy with it. But I came across this story of carbonite having lost data back in 2007 due to faulty hard drives (and they're now suing the hard drive manufacturers). I am not suggesting that we stop using carbonite but I do think online backup should not be the only backup we have. The best online service could fail for unforeseen reasons.

    By default Carbonite will automatically backup for you so there is no need for a "sync", unless you utilise some of its advanced features to schedule your backups at certain hours of the day or week. For most users however, they will be on auto so they should have their most up to date files online all of the time.

    I bought a 1 TB Lacie NAS that came with a free year of Carbonite back up (a service which I was looking at getting anyway). Turns out Carbonite can't backup off remote drives like NAS or USB too I think. That puts it at next to useless for me and ironic given the free trial.

    This is really odd because I use carbonite and separate remote access software. If I had any idea they put this feature in I might have checked it out and been pleased, but at this point I am invested in my paid for RAS. I wonder they they would be so coy about such a, in my view, significant software upgrade,

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