Buy Your Petrol Soon To Avoid Easter Price Hikes

Buy Your Petrol Soon To Avoid Easter Price Hikes

petrolpumpIf you’re planning to hit the roads this weekend for an Easter vacation, save yourself some cash by stocking up on petrol today before the weekend price rise.
The cycle of petrol prices rising on the weekend is a familiar one, and Easter is no different. The ACCC, which monitors petrol prices, says that while there’s no evidence of an Easter-specific rise, prices will almost inevitably go up as the weekend approaches. As commissioner Joe Dimasi put it:

There is little evidence that price increases before public holidays are higher than at other times. However, consistent with what happens every week, it is likely petrol prices will rise around the Easter weekend.

If you want to hunt down some cheap fuel in your area, online resources like the Google Petrol Price Tracker might help. Got any other money-saving tips for Easter travel? Share your wisdom in the comments. Picture from Wikimedia Commons


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