Build A Self-Watering Garden With Recycled Water

Over at DIY web site Instructables, user askjerry details how he recycles the condensation water from his air conditioner through a self-watering garden system for some seriously green gardening.

The system is pretty smart, and even if you aren't keen on re-using the air conditioner water, you can still mimic the self-watering PVC system for some low-cost, low-maintenance gardening. The how-to is packed with detaied schematics, so if you're interested in setting up your own self-watering garden, head over to Instructables for a closer look.

Self Watering Garden - Using recycled water from an air conditioner [Instructables]


    Yes i agree with the above idea. Using recycled water from air condition and you don't have to waste time on watering our plants.

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