Build A Minimalist Spice Rack

Build A Minimalist Spice Rack

If you’re looking for a real simple and cheap spice rack with a lot of storage, this DIY solution will keep all your cooking helpers at hand.

Culinary blog The Kitchn features an extremely well organised kitchen put together by one of their readers. Eager readers wrote in, dying to know where the owner bought their minimalist spice rack. Turns out, not only did she build it herself, but it was a particularly cheap, no-mitre-saw-needed project. The entire rack is made out of a lightweight vinyl trim from Home Depot and the jars are from Cost Plus. The trim only cost $US11 with some to spare; no word on the cost of the jars, but similar storage jars can usually be picked up for about a dollar a piece. While the general advice is to keep spices in a cool, dark place, regular cooks need convenience more than long-term preservation, in many cases. Check out the link below for the build details. How To Build a Spice Rack: Susy’s White and Minimal [TheKitchn]


  • Love the spice rack! Looks super easy to make and you can actually see what and how much you have. I can’t count the times I didn’t realize I was almost out of a certain spice because the label covered it up!

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