BlackBerry App World Opens, But Not For Australia

blackberryappworldWell, that sucks. First announced last October, BlackBerry has finally rolled out its App World application — but Australia isn't getting to play.App World has been rolled out, but the application is currently restricted to US, Canadian and British customers. If you try downloading the app on a phone with an Australian SIM, you get the message "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry App World". Not much of a way to compete with the iPhone's App Store, guys.


    Oh the irony. App World... not available in most areas of the world.

    Also, are you sure you don't mean "US, Canadian and British customers"?

    They should have called it "Blackberry App [Some of the] World"!

      They should have called it Blackberry CRApp World

    Stupid.. completely stupid.

    Standard myopic view of most Northern American corporates.

    Oh surprise, surprise... we get left out of everything good.

    Yes this is quite irritating. I chose to buy my bold over an iphone on the premise that the blackberry app world was only a couple of weeks away. Now it looks like we'll all be waiting a lot longer.

    Im also one of those people who chose to buy a Storm in Australia with one of the contributing factors being the App World.
    I guess I'm abit masochistic with this sort of thing..... I bought an Aussie TiVo to.

    Yea not avaliable here in Madagascar either...Sucks, just got my 8900 today.

    not available here in Dubai,the middle east. the cost is like hell and you can't even get one single application on it. I am about to smash my bold 9000. I just hate stupid greedy corporation...

    Total Crap, how hard is it to roll it out worldwide in one go. Its always America first, So the rest of the world "Marvel" At their Brilliance. Well They Can Marvel At my 'You-Know-What"

      @Matthew - c0ck prehaps?

    This is sucks and even more sucks when I tried to pay $5 bucks for a game which I cannot install in my Blackberry Bold. How stupid I am.

    I feel as stupid as you guys. I bought the bold thinking a possible competitor to IPHONE. But being on OPTUS with BOLD in Aust = V. Big FAIL

    ...yet another leg up for the iphone....why do RIM do this to themselves??? come on Blackberry....I prefer you still....but how much longer can I stay faithful with this kind of treatment. Aus Vodafone.

    I just bought Bold 9700 in Dubai yesterday. Before to that i study that there are lot of good applications available to install on it, But there is nothing we can install bcos App World cannot be downloaded.

    What r u doing RIM???

    The App World is over a year old, and still nothing for Australia.... RIM, no Birthday cake for you.

    IMHO, most idiotic thing in this whole story is the error message that you get - "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry"... one could indefinitely be checking the "requirements" they listed (which my Bold matches 100%) , but they don't mention country restrictions...

    luckily, found a url that seems to make it happen even with AU carriers (with Optus anyway ;)

    BIG THANKS to original source at:

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