Better Living Through Carpentry

Better Living Through Carpentry

What to do when store bought desks get you down? Build your own.

Lifehacker reader Joel Beeby wanted his desk built to order. The best way to get something the you want it? Build it to your own specifications. Joel’s desk is customised to his needs right down to built in enclosures for his speakers and a just-right space for his phone cradle. From his notes:

This is my desk which i designed and built from scratch. I measured out cubbies to fit my speakers and have them “built into” the desk. My MacBook rests up on cantilevered pieces of wood, which keeps it cool and minimises its footprint. The phone and iPod dock are located to the left and right of the centre speaker. I built in a little slot for writing utensils as well.

The monitor is a Dell 20″ 2007FP. It comes with 4 USB ports, so it acts as my USB hub. I have the keyboard and mouse on a slide out [tray] ; the printer and subwoofer are resting on supports underneath the surface of the desk.

The craftsmanship on Joel’s desk is excellent. I insisted my door-turned-desk not even look at the screen for fear it would start complaining about its functional but dull paint job.

Thanks to careful planning, Joel has more a place for everything and enough room left over that he can easily spread out and make a mess when working on projects. For another great workspace that features a custom built desk, check out Custom Wire Management for Multi-Monitor Bliss.

Better Living Through Carpentry [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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