Best Free Sites For Kids?

Best Free Sites For Kids?

Plans by the Wiggles to charge for access to their official site have the parental community up in arms, but keeping your kids amused and educated online shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Over at our sibling site Babble, Amber details the controversy over the plans by the Wiggles to charge $80 a year to access most features on their site. As she points out, “it seems like an odd venture to launch in this economic environment, when there are so many kids’ TV sites offering free games and learning tools”.

That got me thinking: which sites do you find the best for entertaining your kids? We’ve covered plenty of tools for rendering your PC safe for children to play on (such as Qimo and KidsMenu), but what are the best free sites to entertain them when you’ve done that? Share your favourites in the comments

Parents Up in Arms Over Costly New Wiggles Website [Babble]


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