Bare Wood And Natural Light

Bare Wood And Natural Light

You won’t find stark surfaces and strong artificial lighting in today’s featured workspace. Natural is the watchword.

From the unstained wood flooring and wood desk to the knitting pooled on the desk there is an organic warmth to Risager’s workspace. A freelance web designer, she apparently has a solid knack for transferring onscreen design talent into the physical world. Her office is airy thanks to large windows and light colours.

There is plenty storage ranging from small pull drawers to entire shelving units. Like previously featured workspace Operation Orange the office space serves double duty as an area for work and for crafts, the second desk against the back wall is a sewing station and the chest beneath the desk serves double duty as a foot rest and a yarn storage locker. By far the most novel element of her office, revealed only through the notes on her Flickr photo, is the basket by the leg of the desk:

This basket contains my iPod, FM radio, hand lotion, lip balm, kleenex, phone – it’s my “Home Purse” and moves with me from room to room.

Seeing an obvious solution in the making, I showed it to my wife who gave the idea an immediate seal of approval. Great work with the office and sharing the handy basket-as-home-purse idea!

Bare Wood and Natural Light [The Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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