AdSweep Ad Blocker Gets Easier Chrome Installation

AdSweep Ad Blocker Gets Easier Chrome Installation

Previously mentioned ad blocker AdSweep has updated its home page and bundled its user extension to make installation on Google Chrome much more simple.

If you’re using the “Developer Channel” version of Google Chrome (enabled by downloading and running the User Channel Switcher), AdSweep has been bundled up as a single .crx file you can install from the Windows command line, like so:

chrome.exe –install-extension=”c:pathtoAdSweep.crx”

In addition, the developers have given a lot more space to explaining AdSweep’s installation on other versions of Chrome, along with other the other browsers supported (Firefox, Opera, Safari, and even IE7, with some other add-ons). It’s highly similar to the Firefox-only, and seriously popular AdBlock Plus.

Of course, the site you’re reading right now is advertising-supported, and we’d ask you to keep them displayed if you dig what we post here. Luckily, AdSweep, like most blocker programs, is fairly easy to tweak by editing a single long list of sites and servers not accepted. It’s a free download, works wherever one of its supported browsers does. Thanks Paulo! AdSweep


  • @goodywitch

    I am using Chrome 2.0 and I have added adsweep. it’s working fine until I WANT a javascript enabled. I go to the costoc site and under the locations tab a jaascript is supposed to pop up. I have tried to get the f12 site preferences to work but nothing comes up. I go to the under the hood tab and I have no such options. What can I do?

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