Add Antistatic Protection To Your Desk

Whether your motivation is a deep hatred of surprise static shocks or you want to add a little security to your electronics workbench, this handy tutorial will help you banish static.

Rob Severson, of the electronic hobbyist CircuitGizmos Labs, found himself frequently tinkering at his desk. Rob wanted to protect the electronics he worked with while he was at the desk. He had an antistatic mat but it was on the small side, putting an antistatic mat the size of his work surface was out of the question because of cost and the impracticalness of covering the entire desk. Wearing a grounding strap all the time would be too much of a hassle. His solution to the problem is both ingenious and cheap.

Since his arms rest on the work surface while he works, Rob integrated the antistatic protection right onto the edge of the desk. The strap itself is a disposable 3M antistatic strap which cost him $US1.50. He mounted it to the desk with double sided tape as seen in the picture here and now whenever he touches his desk while working he is automatically grounded. For more pictures and additional details about his novel static-banishing design check out his full write up. Antistatic Desk Strap [via Make]


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