Zamzar Converts Powerpoint Into Easy-To-Share Images

Ever wanted to extract Powerpoint slides as images for embedding elsewhere? Try Zamzar. To convert the file, simply upload the file (ignoring the obnoxious popup ads), choose PNG format, and enter your email address to receive the link for the converted files—it took a little while for the files to show up, but the conversion process worked perfectly—all ready for you to embed or email the files. An alternative method for converting and sharing Powerpoint is to simply upload the file to Google Docs, and then use the PDF export option to download and share with friends—or you can use Google Docs to embed presentations on your web site or blog. Thanks, Nick!


    This would be neat except you can do the save thing in PowerPoint itself with a SAVE AS (other formats) and save yourself the round trip.

    Here is a site that more use full than download youtube videos on the fly,in any format dirict download from youtube server

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