Would You Sign Up For A Shorter Working Week?

WorkCalendar.jpg Employees at Channel Ten have been asked to reduce their working days, Nick Tabakoff reports at The Australian. That kind of cutting-hours-to-save-cutting-jobs strategy is increasingly common these days. On the upside, people get to keep their jobs (and potentially cut back on insane working hours). On the downside, there'll be less money coming in. Have you been offered reduced working hours — and would you take them if they were offered? Share your reactions in the comments.


    At my work we have just been given multiple options:

    - 9 day fortnights with one day leave without pay
    - 9 day fortnights with one day annual leave
    - 10 day fortnights with 10% pay cut
    - Redundancy package
    - Continue working 10 day fortnights at full pay (but effectively putting your head on the chopping block if things get worse)

    The idea is so the company doesn't have to make anyone redundant. My choice, along with most others, is the 9 days plus one day off without pay. It's effectively a 10% pay cut but it's better than working the full days at a reduced amount

    Definitely upsides and downsides to signing up for a shorter working week.

    I haven't been offered reduced working hours, but would most likely take them if I was. I believe that I could be as productive in 4 days a week and then spend the new free day doing some extra work from home to supplement my income. Obviously not that easy for some, but at the end of the day reduced hours is better than losing your job!

    A few people I know in labour type jobs are working 9 day fortnights. Most don't seem to mind that, they just treat it like a 3 day weekend every two weeks.

    But, I suppose if you're hard pressed for cash as it is, that might be a problem.

    I have long thought that a 4 day week could be the norm. Throughout history the working week has progressively shortened, but seems to have been stuck at 5 days for a long time. As Kieron says most people would be more productive when at work if they had a 4 day week. The economy would adjust to the lower wages as mostly it's the high real estate costs that require so much work now. If everyone worked a 4 day week with lower wages real estate would reduce to suit that.

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