Why Your Bargains Get Bounced

OzDollarsCents.jpg Here at Lifehacker we're pretty big fans of bargain-scouting site OzBargain, but on occasion a bargain we've tagged in Google Reader for future use ends up disappearing (and this isn't a fault we can put down to Google, unlike some others). OzBargain founder Scotty has written up a useful post explaining why some bargains get pulled: in simple terms, generally because they're either forgeries, wildly inaccurate or deliberately limited offers that the providers don't want widely publicised. (For retailers, he also points out that politeness will get a faster response than incoherent email ranting). All pretty obvious stuff, but worth remembering the next time that fantastically good-sounding pizza deal disappears.


    "OzBargain founder Mark..."

    You mean Scott?

    Thanks for linking to the blog :) And I am happy to say that so far I haven't received any angry take down notice this week :)

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