What Wins: TV Or The Internet?

A brief follow-up to our report last week that Australians are multi-media gluttons and we spend more time using the Internet than watching TV. Not surprisingly, that kind of news isn’t very welcome if you run a TV channel, so perhaps it’s no surprise that rival research firm Roy Morgan quickly followed up with a study suggesting the opposite. The Australian’s Amanda Meade reports the study found the average Australian watches 21.5 hours of TV a week, but only spends 10.7 hours using the Internet. Again, though, those figures haven’t been broken down usefully — do those 21.5 hours include some time watching Channel BT? (We were going to illustrate this piece with the much-discussed Freeview sendup video, but it’s been pulled, possibly because of the legal action hinted at in the Australian article. Bah humbug!)


  • [sarcasm] A few years back they invented these nifty things called laptops .. now we can surf the net and watch tv at the same time! [/sarcasm]

  • I am an Australian with an extended family (ages 10-62) that don’t watch more than 5 hours of TV p/w. Give it 5 more years and the vast majority of people (in my country at least) will be spending their viewing time online.

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