Vuze Converts BitTorrent Downloads To Device-Friendly Formats

Windows/Mac/Linux: Vuze—one of the most popular BitTorrent clients around—has just added a killer feature that allows you to easily transcode any download so its playable on your iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PS3, and Xbox 360. We've always been partial to uTorrent for its light footprint—and a little hard on Vuze for its relative bloat—but this update in Vuze is seriously cool, especially for people looking to watch their downloaded videos somewhere other than their desktop. Once a file is downloaded, you can simply drag and drop the download to the device you want to play it on. Smart and simple.


    This is a seriously awesome feature. I hope it works on Vista... the other iPhone converters don't.

    Its a very cool feature..
    the conversion is sloow, though.. I am used to TVersity doing it on the fly.. I wonder if they are working on that. Otherwise the seamless integration of bitTorrent and their content libraries and streaming is unbeatable (going to test on xbox 360 shortly)

    I downloaded Vuze basically because I was after a film that could only be done by Torrent. I went insane when I saw it had this feature! The films I've got on my I-Pod are exellent quality, the downloads are fast and it hasn't taken up a lot of room and doesn't interfere with anything else I run. Personally I'm very happy with Vuze!

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