Vote On Which IE8 Bugs You Want Fixed

IE8Bugs.jpgInternet Explorer 8 is now in general release, but that doesn't mean that the product is bug-free. In an interesting move, Microsoft has now opened up its online bug tracking database for IE8 to the general public, meaning you can vote on which bugs you'd like to see fixed most urgently. Many of the currently listed bugs are relatively minor rendering issues, but it's a good place to check in if you are having issues with how IE8 handles your own site, or weird performance problems.


    Everytime I restart my PC new and open ie8 the first time, I receive the error: "YOUR LAST BROWSING SESSION CLOSED UNEXPECTEDLY. Would you like to restore your last session, or go to your homepage?"
    This is a good thing usually...BUT..I closed down everything normally with no crashes.

    This message comes up every day now and after I click OK everything is normal...just annoying!

    Please fix this!

    I second frank's comment about the error i get about last browsing session closed unexpectedly. It happens everytime i reload IE8. i use XP Home and updated from IE 7 after the general release. the browser also hangs up for no apparent reason. i downloaded the Google specialty version, so i don't know if that is the culprit.... i've never had a browser be so aggravating. i love the Google features and the accelerators but the hanging is rude.

    Fix "Browsing Session Closed Unexpectedly" first. It is extremely annoying.

      Next time you close the internet try closing it by right clicking the entry on the toolbar below and do not use the red X in the right corner of the screen. It worked for me.

    I agree about the “Browsing Session Closed Unexpectedly” error. It is extremely annoying; I am about ready to give up IE for Firefox!

    I'd just like the Lifehacker site itself to stop crashing IE8 on Windows 7. It is the only site that has crashed IE8 on my PC in 6 months.

    I had to write this using Firefox, which is slower than IE8 on my PC.

      I'll get our tech guys to investigate, but I do need to point out that Windows 7 is not yet an official or stable release. Never encountered any issues myself with IE8 on Vista for LH.

    I've also got the 'last browser session closed unexpectedly' message every time I open IE8 on Vista Home Premium.

    Have same problem with Windows 7 full release. Did not happen with IE8 on Vista.

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