Vodafone Beta Testing Xpress Phone Account Management Software

MyVodafoneXpressLogo.jpgOffering online access to mobile phone bills is pretty commonplace, but Vodafone is taking things a step further by beta testing a desktop application which lets you check phone usage and set bill payment reminders. The Windows-only package can be downloaded for free, though it's being limited to 25,000 customers during the beta phase. I don't have a Vodafone account to meaningfully test it with; if you've given it a try, share your experiences in the comments.


    I love to have this kind of phone with a management software so as I'm always on the go of doing and tracking my businesses.

    I'm sure more and more businessmen are inclined to purchase this kind of phone because of the advanced feature.

    Hope the testing will last short and soon get the release version.

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