Tivo Home Networking Package Pricing Vexes Users

Tivo Home Networking Package Pricing Vexes Users

TivoHomeNetworkingPackage.jpgOne of the limitations of using a Tivo as your PVR of choice is that there’s no straightforward way of transferring recordings of shows you want to keep permanently onto an external device. The recently released Home Networking Package makes that possible, but at $199 it’s a fairly pricey solution. Some Tivo owners are arguing that the pricing is unfair, given that when the original Tivo was released Tivo executives suggested the pricing for networking mobility would be much lower (“tens of dollars”) was the phrase used. I somehow doubt that this would constitute grounds for taking Tivo to the ACCC over deceptive behaviour, but the suggestion that early adopters should get a discount on the new gear, which is being floated on mailing lists such as OzTivo, still seems like the right thing to do.


  • While the throwaway comment of tens of dollars may not constitute action by ACCC over deceptive behaviour. I am sure that the statement by the current CEO of HTS the Tivo licencee in Australia at a relaunch in early December 2008 does.

    Hybrid TV CEO Robbee Minicola described
    “a Home Networking Package, including TiVoToGo which will be available for ‘under AU$100′”

    A statement like this at an official launch with a doubling in this price at a later date will most likely be a breach of the Trade Practices Act.

  • It sure does seem steep. I (and a few friends) was thinking of buying one, but $200 to enable networking, and $700 for a 1TB HDD expansion really beggars belief. Not this little black duck!

  • I shelled out for the Home Networking package just after it was released and it was great. But after some Tivo update The HNP has become so flakey it is a joke. Certain channels/ shows wont download and if you attempt to download one of those you are unable to download anything untill you reset the Tivo. But there doesnot appear to be any way of telling what shows/channles will cause the problem untill its too late – and try resetting the tivo while the missus is watching Taggart!!! Save your 10 bucks. Other than that the Tivo is a great device.

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