TheF*** Tells You The Weather (NSFW)

Fweather.jpg There are plenty of sites that will let you check the weather, but the domain 'thef**' is one you're unlikely to forget in a hurry, even if prevailing social mores mean we can't reproduce it in its entirety. While the site looks US-centric at first glance, you can enter Australian cities and get suitably accurate results (and choose the Celsius option so the results make sense). Suffice to say any weather site that's detailed enough to cover Bellingen is OK by us.


    Stupid American site

    It's okay once you figure out that AS actually means Australia!

    23c. Its fucking nice in Canberra.

    Good American site, but makers no sense to use the F-Bomb to attract users, and this comment comes from a very smart Yank (hint, hint, Wobble).

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