The Student's Sanctuary

When you're a busy law student renting a small room, your stuff needs to be tightly organised. See how one attorney in training elegantly fits an office into a tiny bedroom.

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Reader s.vignos is renting a small room from one of his professors. Using minimal extras and making no modifications to the room itself save for some hanging hooks, he's turned the room into a soothing and well organized sanctuary. The room came with the basic desk and chair you see in the photos here.

He added additional storage with a heavily compartmentalised bookcase from Ikea, which also serves as a GTD launch pad where he keeps his inbox, to-do list, and office supplies.

The task lamp on the desk and paper lamp for ambient light are also both from Ikea. He keeps his major projects on clipboards above his desk, which makes it easy to take the project out and put it away while still keeping it visible. As an amusing side note, he's using a book stand for his laptop and a laptop stand for his books—hey whatever works is cool with Lifehacker.


    Good thing they're doing law, I would hate for them to be my interior decorator...

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