The Monochrome Nook

You don't need an enormous space to create an effective office, as evidenced by today's featured workspace. Efficient is the watchword. Lifehacker reader T dimensional has a fantastic office in a tiny little space. Despite being in a room narrow enough that there is only little walkway beside the desk, the office has abundant storage and good design going for it. The extensive use of white keeps the space from seeming closed in and having a nice window with some architectural detail certainly doesn't hurt. Although he does note that on particularly sunny days he turns his laptop around and works facing the window to avoid excessive glare on the screen. There are plenty of cabinets and drawers to provide storage and keep the workspace free of clutter and distraction.


    This is fantastic and sleek. The perfect compliment to the white Apple computer. I can't help but think that a small, lush potted plant is the missing grace note needed for this space. Perhaps a Bonsai? Linda

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