The Desk 'Top' As A Desktop

Reader Design Hobo's desktop was made to look like the top of an actual desk—complete with coffee stained paper and sticky notes.

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This desktop is also based on skins for Rainmeter, including:

The notes app is by ~Kaelri
The system app is also by ~Kaelri
These have been slightly edited to my liking.
The Calendar is by ~Limpet
Weather by Momax
Clock by Cho_7, skin is Trans.Rounded.
The pens, and notes vectors are by ~masseva.
The cell phone vector is by ~rembrandt83.
The notebook paper, Coffee, and Icons (for rocket dock) I made myself, all in Photoshop, as well as the background which was made using the Fibers and Noise.

Hit the link for a full download of the Rainmeter skins—including the INI files, icons, and even a set of wallpaper files to fit almost any resolution. Great job, Design Hobo!



    I just downloaded your beautifull desktop. And I got a ziped file. Now - I'm a total idiot when it comes to these things. So I simply wonder what I need to do, to get your work as my desktop background? What do I do with my downloaded file?



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