Telstra Cable To Hit 100Mbps -- But Not Until Christmas

BigPondLogo.jpgCable was the first practical broadband option for Australians, and it generally remains the fastest choice. Now it's getting insanely fast. Telstra today announced that it will speed up its cable network to 100Mbps, in an upgrade that's due for Melbourne users by December this year. No word on whether other cities will be included, but it's hard to imagine Sydney won't follow course pretty swiftly. Tellingly, there's also no word on price. Nonetheless, it's good to have a continuously evolving alternative to ADSL, even if it doesn't stretch much outside capital cities.


    Yay, now we can run down our download usage faster!

    Other cities? You don't even mention which city is being upgraded in your summary. Proof-reading, please.

    thanks for sharing...

    As long as you don't mind paying Telstra $200+ a month for Internet access... :\

    Telstra, how are they even relevant anymore?
    Almost across the board their prices exclude them from any reasonable analysis/investigation.

    If a friend asks about mobile, broadband, telephone, is not like Telstra is the first company thats top of mind. Unfortunate that, as it was once, but no longer.

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