StripGenerator Helps You Create Comic Masterpieces

You're a comic genius without an artistic platform. We sympathise. Don't let your comic musings go unseen—use the simple drag-and-drop interface at StripGenerator to create your own comic strips.

The interface is thankfully straightforward, and helpful for those just looking to get their work up. You get up to six panels per strip and a roster of drag-and-drop humans, beings, objects, shapes, and speech bubbles. The editor has lots of handy little features, like scaling of objects and the ability to clone panels, which is extremely convenient when you want to use the same background and objects as props in each panel. Once you create the strip, you can print it or publish it, which saves it to the StripGenerator servers. If you choose to publish it, you can grab a direct link, embed code, or BBcode for showing it off in forums. If you sign up for a free account, you can save your comic strips as blog entries with additional text and information attached to them—although registration doesn't add any new features to the actual editor. If you know of any other sites for creating and hosting your own comic strips, sound off in the comments below.


    Thank you for a great review.

    Stripgenerator has been around for many years actually, but I guess it has matured enough to be taken seriously. Reviews like this always get our blood pumping and right now we are extremely busy with the new version that will add some functionality, improve scalability and speed an make old users happy. After that, who knows.

    thanks again.

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