Start BitTorrent Downloads At Home From Any Computer With Dropbox

Blogger Guillermo Esteves loves his BitTorrent, so when he's away from his home computer, he still wants to start up any download at a moment's notice. His solution: Use file-syncing application Dropbox to sync torrents between computers. Assuming you've got Dropbox installed on your home computer and work computer, for example, you can download a torrent, save it to your Dropbox folder, and let Dropbox sync that new torrent to your home computer. Using the folder monitoring feature available in most popular BitTorrent applications (including uTorrent for Windows/Mac and Transmission for Mac/Linux), your BitTorrent app of choice can monitor your Dropbox folder for new torrent files and automatically open them when they appear. In practice, that translates to dead simple, instant remote BitTorrent downloads, which we like very much.

You can also upload torrent files to Dropbox from the Dropbox web interface, so you could even do this from a computer where you can't install Dropbox. This isn't the only remote BitTorrent method out there, but it's certainly a good (and easy to implement) one.


    Best tip of the week. Am going to set this up as soon as I get home from work.

    This beats my current set up by a click ;-)

    Once I've downloaded the .torrent file, I right click and choose Send to --> SentToFTP.

    This software (via Sourceforge: sits quietly in your 'Send to' list and once configured (to look at your home server) sends your .torrent file in two clicks to the folder of your choice.

    Great for an oft-updated html file too probably.


    Such a clever tweak, nothing ground breaking but so much easier than RDP or some sorta web FTP.

    As above going to do that when i get home!

    Just did a similar thing at home and on my laptop at work. I have Ubuntu + Deluge at home and dual boot WinXP/Ubuntu on my laptop. Worked like a charm. :)

    Best tip of the week. Am going to set this up as soon as I get home from school. also like to say the creaters of this site are really intelligent

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