Snow Leopard Shows Promising Text Expansion Utilities

We love the time-saving benefits of text expansion utilities like TextExpander (Mac) and Texter (Windows), but now it looks like Apple may be incorporating its own text substitution tool directly into its upcoming release of Snow Leopard. According to web site AppleInsider, Mac OS X 10.5.6 (aka Snow Leopard, expected to launch mid-year) will feature all kinds of great text improvments, including a spell-check autocorrect (à la Microsoft Office's "replace as you type" spell check) complete with user-defined text substitution. We're already nuts for text replacement timesavers, so to see an operating system take steps to integrate these features directly is really exciting. Of course, we'll have to wait until Snow Leopard drops later this year to find out just how well it works, but if the screenshot is any indication, it looks promising.


    Actually, Snow Leopard is version 10.6.

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