Bulk Optimises Images

Decrease your bandwidth usage and save yourself some editing time with, a web-based image optimisation service. Although designed with web site optimisation in mind, doesn't discriminate. Dump a bunch of images in, and shaves them down. The service strips metadata and recompresses the images to decrease the file size, while its compression algorithm does an excellent job preserving image quality with little to no visible artefacts. supports bulk upload, and can also pull images directly from a site. It also has plug-ins for both Firefox and the Wordpress blogging platform. If disk size isn't so much an issue as the dimensions of the image, check out two great programs we've reviewed for some quick and dirty cropping: IrfanView and, my personal favourite bulk cropping tool, JPegCrops. The web-based service and extensions are free, no sign-up or registration required.


    How does it decrease your bandwidth if its a web service? You have to upload it, download it, and then I guess upload it again somewhere else? Unless it has a java applet like facebook does that shrinks your images on the client side?

    I tried it on a couple of photos. It just cut the size by 6% or so. That is not enough to make it useful.
    I would like a service that allows me to reduce photos, or groups of photos, with one click to a usable size for a website. Adobe photoshop elements is the best I have found so far although it still involves a bit of tweaking.

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