Quantum Of Solace Hits Blu-Ray And DVD

Quantum-of-Solace-Blu-Ray.jpgWhen the latest 007 incarnation, Quantum Of Solace, was released in theatres late last year, the film went largely unmentioned here on Lifehacker. Our gadget-mad contemporaries over at Giz, on the hand, were not so subdued, praising the film as "not only the perfect Bond movie, it's the best Bond movie ever, period." We here at LH still reserve judgement (Connery vs every other 007; can any other topic truly inspire such passionate, subjective debate? Religion? Science? I think not), but we'll all get a chance to decide, when the box office hit explodes onto DVD and Blu Ray on March 18th. Starring Daniel Craig and Oscar winner Judi Dench, the Blu-Ray is packed full of special features, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, crew files, plus a music video for "Another Way to Die" featuring Jack White and Alicia Keys. So grab a copy when the film hits store shelves this Wednesday and judge it for yourself.


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