PortableApps.com Suite 1.5 Improves Menu Looks, Customisation

Windows only: The PortableApps.com Suite, a full-featured app package that runs from a USB drive, has upgraded with a crisper-looking and more customisable menu, the latest versions of a ton of great freeware, and other improvements. A new theme brings some transparency, mouse-over effects, and display improvements to the PortableApps menu, but the release notes bury the big news—you'll be able to theme the suite yourself in the next release, due out in less than two weeks. The app icons on the pop-up menu can be renamed or hidden, applications can be launched as an administrator, and the menu can hide all the icons and switch wallpapers on whatever PC you're on. A PortableApp thumb drive loaded with a customised Firefox browser, office suites, IM clients, KeePass, and other portable offerings is a great way to get things done when you're at a computer that's not your own—or testing out stuff on your system you don't quite want to install and muck around with. The PortableApps.com suite comes in three flavors (basic, lite, and standard), is a free download, and launches on Windows systems only. Got a killer PortableApp setup on your thumb drive? Share the app list in the comments.


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