PolarClock Tracks The Time With Concentric Circles

Windows/Mac: PolarClock is a novel screen saver that displays the passage of time in a series of shrinking concentric circles. Each division of time is represented as a separate circle, with circles for the month, calendar day, day of the week, hour, minute and second. As time passes, each circle grows incrementally and proportionately larger to show the passage of time. The level of detail and customisation is impressive for such as simple concept: you can arrange the order of the circles designating various divisions of time, change the colours, widths and fonts, and get deeper still, if you'd like. In addition to a screen saver for Windows and Mac OS X, PolarClock is also available as a dash board widget for Mac OS X and an iPhone app. If you have a novel or unique time-focused screen saver or widget you're dying to share, sound off in the comments below so your fellow readers can partake in the visual goodness. Thanks laurion!


    I have Analogy installed and looks really cool.
    (no affiliation, just a user)


    Looks beautiful but isn't it likely to cause pixel burn - especially where the month ring won't change position/colour for a whole month...? Anyone any thoughts?

    Beautiful design and want to use it, but am concerned that with the amount of static graphics (month for example) there will be considerable pixel burn. Any thoughts?

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