PDF-to-Word Web Tool Open To All

PDF-to-Word, the free, surprisingly accurate conversion tool we've previously demonstrated, moves out of closed beta and is open to all. The operation remains the same: upload a file, choose Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) output, and supply an email to have it mailed to.


    Tried this in pre release and found that all it did was insert my pdf as a picture in word. Could have done that myself. Added to that it emailed me the resulting document twice which worries me as it is stated that it is converted, mailed and deleted. Obviously the first time it was mailed it couldn't have been deleted.

    Be interested to know how well it works for others because if it did really produce editable content it could be pretty useful.

    I have had a very similar experience to Chris.The concept offers a lot so will be interested to hear more feedback and see if some bugs are ironed.

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