Organise Your Quick Launch With A Double-Height Taskbar

The Vista Forums walks through the process of adding multiple quick launch toolbars to your double-height taskbar—making an organized application launcher with no extra software. The process is relatively straightforward, requiring you to simply create separate folders for each group of icons, and then add them to the taskbar with the Toolbars -> New Toolbar item on the taskbar context menu. Once you've added the toolbars, simply arrange them in a group below the taskbar buttons for an organized, dock-like experience without running any additional software. Hit the link for the full walk-through, complete with screenshots. Thanks, puntai! For more on quickly starting your applications, check out our five best application launchers.


    I've used a triple height quick launch bar for a long time now. Since it's where I launch ALL of my apps from (including shortcut to a command prompt), it needs to be as big as it is.
    My desktop is empty by the way...!

    Screenshot here:

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