Operation Orange: The Crafter's Computer Room

If you have an aversion to orange, it might be best to skip over this post. Got a color-neutral appreciation of organisation and design? Come on in.

Reader Carol Grilo has a combination craft and computer room that is strikingly orange, and organised. Originally trained as an architect—thus the reuse of the drafting desk—Carol now runs her own company in Brazil making fabric bags and accessories. She has used a variety of new and re-purposed items to make the most of the space and keep her fabrics, accessories, and tools organized.

I like to keep everything I need for sewing on an arm's reach, hence the small metal orange shelf, the plastic baskets, the little drawers and the jam glasses filled with buttons and metal pendants. The orange chair is a Robin Day design called Prolipop, licensed for production in Brazil. I've found it 10 years ago in a thrift store for only $US10. It was really a steal.

I'd say. Who wouldn't want to find some cool vintage office gear for the price of a fast food dinner? Carol certainly wins extra points for having a workspace that isn't just better organized than most of my workspaces have ever been, but is also definitely more stylish too. For more pictures of her awesome workspace, make sure to check out the full spread—button jars and all—in her album below.


    Ugggh! I don't mind the orange colour scheme, but that orange chair looks like the 'plastic stiff bucket' chairs we used to have at school in the 80's. Very uncomfortable :(

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