One Million Bags Get Lost By Airlines Every Year

LoadingLuggage.jpg Feel nervous every time you queue up at a baggage carousel to wait for your luggage? You might have some ground for that worry. According to the Air Transport Users Council, more than 42 million bags were "mishandled" (that is, sent to the wrong place) in 2008, and one million of those were never found. A bigger worry is that many airlines then contest the value of the lost luggage or offer minimal compensation for essential items needed while the luggage is being located, BBC News reports. All of which sounds like a good case for travelling only with hand luggage if you can manage it (though you'll still need room for the business travel essentials if it's a work trip).


    I read the BBC Article and it only reported 2007 and earlier stats for mishandled baggage. Where did you get 2008 data from?

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