NiftyWindows Makes Managing Windows Easier

Windows only: Tiny portable utility NiftyWindows adds a ton of features that make working with windows easy—so you can move, resize, and even roll up windows without moving your hand off the mouse. Once you've launched the no-install-required utility, simply right-click on a window and drag to either move or resize the window—dragging the corner will resize that corner, and dragging from the middle will move the whole window. You can roll up the window by holding down the right mouse button over the title bar and pressing the left mouse button—do the same thing over the window area and it will minimise. Middle-click the titlebar to maximise the window, or use the scroll wheel while holding down the right mouse button to navigate through the regular Alt-Tab window switcher—a very useful feature once you get used to it. The only issue in our testing appears to be a slight incompatibility with Firefox and the middle mouse button shortcuts, but you can disable them under the Mouse Hooks menu. NiftyWindows is free and open-source, available for Windows only. If you just want to roll up windows, check out previously mentioned WinRoll, or take a look at our top 10 ways to trick out your desktop. Thanks, cfusion!

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    I have been using this software for about 4 years and don't think I can do without it now. It took me a while to get the bugs worked out. I have all of the "extra" options disabled (e.g. Tooltip Feedback, sooo annoying!) and the middle mouse button hook is also disabled as this was preventing me from middle clicking URLs in FF. I use Mouse Gestures Redox (I'm on FF2 btw, NOT FF3) and it seems to play nicely with that.

    Only issue I have now is it occasionally gives #MaxHotKeysPerInterval errors when running certain programs (e.g. Mindjet MindManager)...but it's rare enough that I still keep Nifty around. I have looked for an alternative solution to Nifty (NiftyWindows hasn't been updated in the 4 years I've been using it) and I can't find ANYTHING that compares to NiftyWindows.

    I was a Linux user in my younger days so I am accustomed to more power over window management than a default XP install provides.

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