Microsoft Extends DreamSpark Free Software Program To Aussie High Schools

DreamSparkChoose.jpg Good news for code-cutting teenagers — Microsoft has extended its DreamSpark program, which offers free copies of its main development tools for education use, to Australian high schools. The program was rolled out for university and TAFE students last year, which has resulted in more than 43,000 downloads from Australia. As we noted when the scheme rolled out, there are some seriously big files involved, so pick your download schedule carefully.


    Now I can host a good windows server (with 08)...

    Thanks heaps Angus Kidman & LifeHacker!

    Hey it is good to know that now Microsoft's dreamspark free software program available in Aussie school. If it comes when i was in school.

    I just wonder there is Microsoft site that offers free software for businesses as well; but I can't seem to find it.

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