Microsoft Endorses Burning Music To CD To Kill DRM

MSNMusic.jpgMicrosoft's limited success with the Windows Media format for selling music (and movies) has largely been due to its willingness to add uber-annoying DRM to keep copyright holders happy. So it's amusing to see the Big M officially recommending that customers who have used those services work their way around them. Here's an extract from an email which Microsoft has sent to subscribers of its soon-to-be-defunct UK music store (I once purchased a single song from it for research purposes and hence ended up on the mailing list).

We recommend that you back up any previously downloaded tracks to audio CD using Windows Media Player. This will protect your music collection for future listening.

This approach isn't new to anyone who has sought to remove DRM from Windows Media files (or from iTunes, for that matter), but it's nice to see it given the company seal of approval.


    'limited'???? We are talking about the format used at some point by EVERY SINGLE non-itunes music store on EARTH? LIMITED?? Yes, granted, mp3 and aac are probably on more devices. But when one says 'limited', one things of mp3pro, or ogg. geez, don't be like your sister site and turn into 'lifemacer', please??

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