Melbourne Metcards On Special Online For The Next Fortnight

metlink.gifYou can't always use free public transport, but if you live in Melbourne and regularly jump on the train, tram or bus, you can save a bit over the next fortnight. Until April 5, Metlink is offering 5% off the price of its multiple-ride tickets — weeklies, monthlies and ten-trip options — if you purchase them online. Delivery is free, the tickets don't activate until you use them and you can switch freely between transport methods, so it could be a good chance to stock up. (Why Sydney doesn't replace its ridiculous and overpriced hodge-podge of tickets with this kind of ticketing system is beyond me.)


    The Metcard system is already 10 years old. The machines are failing and the system, as simple as it is, is a pain in the backside for commuters. It was supposed to have already been replaced by the new "MYKI" system is about 2 years behind schedule. Of course it would have been too logical to modify an existing system so the Government here had to go and reinvent the wheel!

    Why we have to replace our working system of tickets with a $1.4 billion new system for little, if any, benefit, is beyond me...

    "Why Sydney doesn't replace its ridiculous and overpriced hodge-podge of tickets with this kind of ticketing system is beyond me."

    Just a quick note, our wondrous Vic government is actually spending $1.3 BILLION a brand new ticketing system that rivals the crappiness of Sydney! WHY? that's beyond me!? Trying to reinvent the ticketing wheel or something....

    Currently it's 2-3 years overdue and almost $1B over budget. WOW go Brumby GO!!

    And as an added bonus, Connex will cancel an extra 5% of train services to match!

    "Until April 5, Metlink is offering 5% of the price of its multiple-ride tickets"

    I assume you mean 5% OFF the price, 5% of the price would be a real bargain!

    Hi everyone, just a couple of facts about myki. The figures that are being quoted (eg. in the billions) refer to both capital and operating costs over 15 year period. The new myki ticketing system will actually be cheaper to operate than the current Metcard ticketing as there will be no moving parts in the validators, and because the system will offer the option of reloading online or linking cards to bank accounts, the amount of equipment required at stations will not need to be significantly increased (which would have been required if the Metcard system was retained).

    To put it another way, Treasury would have only provided the money for Myki if they believed that it was going to save money in the long run. :)

    Myki is operating in selected regional cities now and will be expanded to Melbourne in the near future.

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