Lifehacker AU Gets New Look

As you'll doubtless have noticed by now, Lifehacker Australia has a shiny new look (and a shiny new CMS in the back to match). This kind of migration is rarely trouble-free, so if you run into a bug, or just want to tell us what you think of the new style, hit up the 'Tip Your Editors' link or offer your comments here.


    sweet look!

    A refreshing new look.It feels bit more organized.

    I'm sorry, i don't like the new look/design, it looks like it's an early 2000's design.

    I'm probably just so used to looking at this site 3 or 4 times a day and haven't had time to adjust yet.

    What CMS are you using?

    don't like it.... but I'm sure I will get used to it.

    Sorry but i like the old one better.

    go back to the old design, this is horrendous. if i want a news reader, i will use one.

    Dare I say it - 'bout time, looking more like C21 and more friendly to US, WE, ME. We'll see. Maybe I won't runaway to the always exciting community which is Lifehacker US after reading the latest Oz posts (which are very good, Angus, and much apppreciated).

    I like it. Though it would be good to see the name of the posts author in the initial summary ... and I miss that Aussie flag :)

    You've failed to take into account that not everyone who reads this site has perfect eyesight. I find it much harder to read than the old layout.

      Just hit control and +

      It'll increase the font size on the screen

    Don't really like it but I could get used to it. But the pictures are too small. They need to be much larger.

    I like it. Excuse my lack of knowledge in this department, but may I ask what is the engine driving it? Drupal or Joombla or something similar?

    Looks like ...*dips in finger..tastes* Wordpress to me.

    Any reason why LH-US comments aren't being ported across?

    Short answer -- we never have, and it's a separate site. Plus it's a quite different publishing system, so responses to US comments wouldn't get seen by those respondents either.

      Not sure if this is a proper reply, but what I meant that no comments were being ported across when the corresponding news articles from LH-US were being published. This is when I checked around about 9 this morning. However, checking again just now and I can see US comments now. As you say, probably a time difference.

    tell giz to update their look as well, it's weird switching between the two sites!

    I'm liking it - I thought the old page was pretty cluttered.

    Very nice and clean.


    Don't like it at all. The images are so small to the point you have to squint to see them, then on the article the images looked stretched and out of proportion. My first thought when I saw the new look was that the first couple of articles must have been advertorials due to the way they looked.

    I don't like it. I feel it has actually gone backwards in usability as headlines are too small to be scanned in fast succession

    Well it looks nice, but it's still got that bloody annoying 15 min refresh JavaScript =\

    Cleaner (but that may be because I was getting sick of the full site whoring being done for advertisers - i.e. Quantam of Solace ads of late). However I liked the older format that was less like an RSS reader and more unique, especially the bigger pictures.

    I really like this new design and layout. It's very neat and it seems like there are more articles on the main page.

    What I would request though, is PLEASE reinstate the full content RSS feeds! I don't mind if you put some ads in there, but it's very frustrating to only receive the partial content when the old feeds used to display the whole thing.

    The US Lifehacker site has the full RSS feed, and I'm going to have to resort back to that!

    Much easier to skim through to find posts I want to read in full... I love it... Any chance of Giz doing the same?

    I prefer the old look, but probably only cos I'm one of those people that dont like change. I miss the big pictures!

    Giz (and Kotaku) wil indeed be shifting to the new look in the near future; Lifehacker pulled the "test drive" straw.

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