No Longer Free For Aussies No Longer Free For Aussies No Longer Free For AussiesWe’re pretty keen on apps for enhancing here at Lifehacker, but the service just became a lot less relevant for Australians. Nick over at Gizmodo reports that Australian users will now have to pay 3 Euros a month to listen to music. While you can still access the other services offers, as Nick correctly points out most of those are a lot less interesting if you don’t use the main player. The service is still free for the big three music markets (the US, UK and Germany), so it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that (as ever) Australia is just not a priority for new digital entertainment options.


  • While slightly lame that we’ll lose the radio functionality, I mainly use Last.Fm to track my music tastes and get recommendations, which will remain intact.
    So I’ll still be using
    I’m sure I can sign up with a different account, say that I’m a UK person, and use that if one day I desperately want to listen to radio.

  • I just got the message to subscribe. Funnily enough I split my time between Spain and the UK. Now if I’m in Spain I have to pay for this? Sorry but I think that either everyone pays, or nobody pays. I’m definitely not, and won’t even bother going through a proxy in the US or UK. Bye Good luck.

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