Helps You Get Wi-Fi, Power, Coffee

Laptopfriendlycafes.jpg Corporate coffee chains often strike Wi-Fi deals with a particular provider, but if you want genuinely free Wi-Fi, you're going to need to stick to independent cafés. (Of course, you'll also get better coffee.) simplifies that task by listing cafés complete with details of whether they supply free Wi-Fi, power outlets and what their 3G reception is like (though the latter isn't broken down by provider). The listings are currently limited to just four major cities — Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York — and they're not yet comprehensive, but given time and some user support this could turn into a really useful resource for workers on the go.


    Nice one - I've been looking for something like this for ages - there are plenty of wi-fi spots in the Sydney CBD but it's often difficult to know where.

    A problem with this site is its blog-style format. Ok for now, while there are only 100 entries for a city, but not so helpful if you're trying to get an overview or search. (Searching under street names doesn't necessarily yield anything, even when you know there's a result to be had.) Really needs to have some kind of map interface or more sophisticated searching if it's to become useful as it grows.

    You could always put a list together yourself based on research from a number of sites. It doesn't take that long. Stop waiting for Mummy or Daddy to come up with a quick solution for you.

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