Landlines Officially Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

It’s not surprising, but it’s interesting to see it backed up by a study: people are no longer bothering to sign up for a landline when they move out of home, preferring instead the greater flexibility of a mobile phone. According to research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, there’s a clear pattern: older people stick to landlines, but younger people (especially those aged 24-35) are largely driven by mobile phone use. While I don’t fall into that age bracket, I must admit the only reason I haven’t got naked DSL at my place yet and dumped the landline is a combination of laziness and some problems with the DSL part of the equation. Have you dumped your landline — and did you get a barrage of relatives complaining you were too expensive to contact? Share your experiences in the comments. Pic by Holger.Ellgaard from Wikimedia Commons


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