Italicise Your Unread Tabs In Firefox Without An Extension

If you're a fan of Tab Mix Plus, you already know how handy having your unread tabs italicised can be—but you don't need to install an extension for this useful feature. You can run a tight ship and keep extensions to a minimum by editing your userChrome.css file to achieve the same effect. The userChrome.css should be located in the sub-directory /Profiles/Chrome/ wherever your Firefox installation resides. Open it up in your favourite text editor and add the following line:

#content tab:not([selected] ) {font-style: italic !important; }

Save the file and you're all set. There is one caveat: The tweak doesn't distinguish between selecting a tab to read it and selecting a tab to drag and drop it to a new location on the tab bar without actually reading the contents. If that's a deal breaker, aforementioned Tab Mix Plus does distinguish between the two and keeps the tabs "unread" until you actually look at them.


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