Internet Tethering Already Working On iPhone 3.0

We haven't verified any of these methods yet (as we don't have access to iPhone 3.0), but word on the street is that iPhone internet connection sharing—aka tethering—is already working on the iPhone 3.0. Our gadget-loving sibling site Gizmodo has a detailed guide to enabling 3G tethering—but they haven't verified it either. According to Mac Rumours, USB tethering is also working. On Tuesday Apple indicated that tethering would be an option in the 3.0 software update, but that it's up to the providers to allow it. So while this really isn't available to the majority of us yet, it's a good sign of things to come. We particularly like the notion of USB tethering, which would likely mean less of a battery drain and better connection.


    I can confirm that Whirlpool users have set up configuration files for most of the Australian telcos for tethering by USB and Bluetooth (but you'll need to have access to the 3.0 beta and SDK). If you do, you can tether, just search for it on Whirlpool. They're still working on MMS. We've managed to send MMS, but by doing so it disallows internet usage, so it's a work in progress.

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