Install Ubuntu On A White MacBook

It's not too hard to install Ubuntu (just out with a new beta) on most computers. MacBooks, however, have a few unique quirks, especially if you want to keep OS X. FOSSwire has a thorough installation guide. Following along, you'll learn how to carve out space for Linux alongside your partition for OS X (and Windows, if you want to triple-boot), and use the rEFIt bootloader tool to create an easily-switch-able startup. You'll end up doing a little partition work, but it only requires the Ubuntu installation disc or USB drive you'd need anyways. This should work for the older line of non-unibody MacBooks, which have different hardware setups than the most current line. Found an easier way to get the orange-hued Linux distro on your sparkling white MacBook? Tell us how in the comments.


    I'm new to Ubuntu and Macbook. I've downloaded and burnt the Ubuntu 8.10 as an ISO image.

    When I reboot my Macbook 5.2, the rEFIT boot menu didn't show any icon that allows me to choose booting Linux from CD.

    Please help. thanks a lot

      hold down the "c" key during boot, and you should boot from cd. You may not be able to boot a macbook 5.2 without passing the kernel an ACPI=off though. I've worked for hours trying to get the 5.2 to work correctly on ubuntu... Hit f6 after you boot, and choose acpi off before you tell it to boot, and it should at least run. There're still quite a few problems though on the 5.2

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